12 Exclusive Hillside Acreages Nestled On Vedder Mountain’s Idyllic Landscape.

These coveted, private parcels are waiting for you and your dream home.

42910 Vedder Mountain Road

Pricing & Views

Each of the 12 hillside acreages available for purchase has a stunning view.

 Lot 1

2.1 acre – SOLD



Lot 5

1.6 acre – SOLD

Lot 6

1.6 acre – SOLD

Lot 7

1.4 acre – SOLD

Lot 9

3.2 acre – SOLD

Lot 10

1.5 acre – SOLD

5 Hillside Property Fears

1. Living on a hill means I only have space for a house with no yard

— since everything is on a slope, your property only has enough space for your home. But you really want an area for a backyard with an expansive deck for entertaining, a carriage house, and a shop.

3. A forest fire could consume my property

— while living in the forest has proven to be lovely, the threat of a fire is always on the back of your mind.

2. I’m not sure if the hill I live on is stable

— there are horror stories of hillside properties crumbling out of existence. How can you tell if your home won’t be added to the list of the fallen?

4. The hill my home is built on barely gets sunlight

— you’re a little worried that the mountain you live on will be plunged in darkness for most of the year.

5. More developments are going to surround my property

— you bought your home because it was tucked away from the city. But soon your quiet acreage is going to be surrounded by apartment buildings and townhouses, and you’re no longer going to have nature right at your front door.

5 Ways Tempus Ridge Vanquishes Your Fears

1. Each lot has over 1 acre of usable space

— all lots have a minimum of ¼ acre free for the construction of your property. Do you want a swimming pool? A basketball court? Maybe a detached carriage house or a shop? There’s space!

2. We’ve double and triple checked the hillside’s stability

— the foundation of the hill is very stable, and a thorough geotechnical assessment has been completed by GeoWest Engineering.

3. Tempus Ridge is bathed in sunlight all year round

— don’t worry about living in the dark. Each lot gets a substantial amount of sunshine, even in winter.

4. All lots are fully fire-managed

— don’t lose sleep over the fear of a forest fire. Each lot is fully fire-managed in compliance with municipal and provincial standards.

5. The green space surrounding Tempus Ridge is protected crown land

— Tempus Ridge is the only development being built on this side of Vedder Mountain. The Vedder Mountain Trail Association has dedicated the trails surrounding Tempus Ridge for recreation.

4 Features That Sets Tempus Ridge Apart


7-Acre Park Outside Your Front Door

Whistler-style, non-motorized trails meander past rock bluffs and through old-growth forest. Your neighbourhood is perfect for spending a quiet afternoon hiking or horseback riding, with a world-class mountain bike network right around the corner.


Up to 1½ Acres Of Usable Space

Each parcel of land has at least 1/4 acres free for the construction of your property. Do you want a swimming pool? A basketball court? Maybe a carriage house or shop? There’s space!


No Strata

This is a freehold development with all the conveniences. Tempus Ridge is on the map for city snow removal, waste, & recycling services.


Shared Water With Yarrow (And No One Else!)

There’s no need to worry about wells and how they affect your property. All Tempus Ridge lots are connected to Yarrow’s municipal water system which draws from a pristine aquifer.

2 Ways Tempus Ridge Helps You Get In Touch With Nature

It’s Embedded In Forest

— sure, you’re within walking distance of some fantastic local businesses…but you also have a backyard that’s literally a forested mountain filled with trails. This expansive trail network is perfect for equestrians, mountain bikers, and hikers.

You’re also close to a variety of fishing spots, such as the Chilliwack River and the Fraser River.

The view is staggering

— whichever property you choose, it will have outstanding views of the Fraser Valley. You can see the community of Yarrow, the Fraser and Chilliwack rivers, Mount Cheam, Harrison Lake, and even a piece of Bellingham.

You have to see it to believe it.

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