Meet The Team Behind Tempus Ridge

& Find Out The Schools & Amenities That Are Nearby

The Tempus Ridge Team


DJC Ventures

Environmental Consult

Redcedar Environmental

Geotechnical Engineer

GeoWest Engineering


Wedler Engineering

Preferred Builders

About DJC Developments

DJC owner, Darren Clayton, has been in civil construction for 18+ years. Early in his career, he found a passion for hillside development.

“Taking a chunk of rock and making it into something beautiful is the reason I do this.”

— Darren Clayton

The DJC team has been a part of 100’s of projects, many of which dealt with the challenges of hillside development.

Development Charter & Building Guidelines

Minimum house-size, material use, etc

Download the Guidelines

Private &
Public Schools

Education is, of course, the #1 priority for any parent. Here are the schools available for students who reside at Tempus Ridge:

Private Schools

Three private schools have bus routes near Vedder mountain:

John Calvin Christian

— JCS accommodates and encourages all learning levels and abilities in students, and maintains an effective learning assistance and special education program in addition to their regular curriculum.

Established in 1970 and located in central Yarrow, John Calvin Christian School has a student body of approximately 280 students from K-7.


— MEI gives students in all grades high-quality, faith-based education that sets them up for successful adult lives.

This private school is located in Abbotsford and has a bus stop at the Yellow Barn on No.3 Road, a 9-minute drive from Tempus Ridge.

Timothy Christian

— TC is another faith-based school that prioritizes excellent education and mental health.

Buses are discussed when a student is enrolled in Timothy Christian – if a bus doesn’t come near Tempus Ridge at this time, there’s potential for a new stop to be created for students who reside in the area.

Timothy Christian is located in Chilliwack, near Rosedale.

Public Schools

These are the public schools that accept students who live on Vedder Mountain (where Tempus Ridge is).

Bus routes adapt to where students reside – if enough children live in one area, a stop will be added to that street.

Yarrow Community School
Local elementary school for students in kindergarten to grade 6
20 Mins 2 Mins 6 Mins
Vedder Middle School
Local middle school for students in grades 7-9
N/A 14 Mins 27 Mins
Sardis Secondary School
Local secondary school for students in grades 9-12
N/A 14 Mins 31 Mins

4 Features That Sets Tempus Ridge Apart

1. Seven-Acre Park Outside Your Front Door

— Whistler-style, non-motorized trails meander past rock bluffs and through old-growth forest. Your neighbourhood is perfect for spending a quiet afternoon hiking or horseback riding, with a world-class mountain bike network right around the corner.

2. Up to 1½ Acres Of Usable Space

— Each parcel of land has at least ¼ flat acres free for the construction of your home. Do you want an infinity pool? A basketball court? Maybe a carriage house or a shop? There’s space!

3. No Strata

— This is a freehold development with all the conveniences. Tempus Ridge is on the map for city snow removal, waste, & recycling services.

4. Shared Water With Yarrow (And No One Else!)

— There’s no need to worry about wells and how they affect your property. All Tempus Ridge lots are connected to Yarrow’s municipal water system which draws from a pristine aquifer.

Nearby Locations & Distances


Yarrow’s Town Center
Boasts some artisan shops, a farmer’s market, and a winery.
15 Mins 2 Mins 9 Mins
No. 3 Rd Highway Exit
Direct access to Highway 1. Right beside the Yellow Barn.
1 Hr 35 Mins 9 Mins 26 Mins
Cultus Lake
One of the Valley’s biggest attractions, the Cultus Lake community has unique shops, theme parks, restaurants, and (of course) plenty of beaches.
N/A 15 Mins 45 Mins
Chilliwack River
Perfect for fishing enthusiasts or those who like to stroll along the riverbanks.
30 Mins 4 Mins 9 Mins
Abbotsford International Airport
This airport is constantly growing and now hosts international flights.
N/A 25 Mins 1 Hr 45 Mins
Chilliwack’s Downtown Core
Currently being revitalized, downtown Chilliwack has local bookstores, breweries, and award-winning restaurants.
N/A 22 Mins 50 Mins
Bustling city with amenities like Costco, UFV Campus, and the Abby Recreation Centre.
N/A 5 Mins 20 Mins